2015 Conference

The 5th International Conference on Global Health: 2015 Conference

The International Conference on Global Health, hosted by the Global Health Consortium, is aimed at addressing the much-neglected tropical diseases in this region. Tropical diseases, as defined by the World Health Organization, encompasses all diseases that occur either solely or predominantly in the tropics. In practice, the term is often taken to refer to infectious diseases that thrive in hot, humid conditions, and that contribute to almost one-half of all deaths in the topics. With Miami serving as the gateway to all of Central and South America, we are poised to take leadership in promoting research, training, and treatment of diseases prevalent in America’s tropical regions. We hope that increased awareness and our strategic location will provide the impetus to grow in this area of research.

Featured Speakers

Confirmed speakers for the 2015 conference are:

Dr. Jaime Torres, Central University of Venezuela

Dr. Christopher Nelson, Sanofi-Pasteur

Dr. Karen Lee, Health and Built Environment Counseling

Dr. Matthew DeGennaro, College of Arts and Sciences, FIU

Dr. Bernice Dahn, Health Ministry Designee, Liberia

Dr. Aileen Marty, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, FIU

Dr. Miguel Cashat-Cruz, MERCK

Dr. Hajo Grundmann, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Dr. Consuelo Beck-Sague, Robert Stempel College of Public Health, FIU

Dr. Ciro Ugarte, Pan-American Health Organization, WHO

Dr. Ingrid Rabe, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo, Alexander von Humboldt Tropical Medicine Institute, Peru

Dr. Silvio Tatti, University of Buenos Aires

Dr. Carlos Torres-Viera, South Florida Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Center

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