Dr. Aileen Marty

Professor of Translational Medicine; Division of Internal Medicine

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

Dr. Aileen Marty is a professor of Translational Medicine at the Division of Internal Medicine at the  Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine in Florida International University.  An expert in infectious disease and disaster medicine, she served as a Naval officer for 25 years and has more than 40 years of clinical and research work in the fields of tropical and infectious diseases, public health, outbreak response, and mass gatherings. She was afterwards appointed Chief of Infectious Disease at a major military facility in Washington, DC., where her focus soon became microorganisms critical to national security, including Ebola, Brucella, Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) and Yersinia pestis (the plague). That interest persisted throughout her 25-year career in the U.S. Navy, and through professorships across the US and in Europe.

Dr. Marty serves as a public health advisor for the South Florida community. She also works with the World Health Organization and has responded to disease outbreaks around the world, playing a key role in the recent COVID-19 pancemic. She is co-editor-in-chief of One Health, the official journal of the International Federation for Tropical Medicine.