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2020 Conference

Thanks to everyone who made our 2020 Global Health Consortium Conference our most successful one yet:

  • 64 global experts shared updates with attendees
  • 2,700+ attendees representing 64 countries
  • 17,000+ views of conference content

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Global health means tackling the issues of health and prevention from various angles – conducting research that takes a holistic view of a situation and determines how various agencies can come together to help a community or a region. We do not have one-size-fits-all solutions. Through the creation, training, and integration of multidisciplinary teams, we have the potential to go beyond positively impacting our communities, generating well-being and prosperity.

Global Health Conference 

The world is changing every second. We are more connected, and with closer ties. We have seen in real-time how a virus can spread and leave our world forever changed. Public health experts and practitioners from all around the world came together virtually to discuss this issue and more at our 2020 Global Health Conference of the Americas.

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Part of our mission is to be a catalytic platform to address the key challenges in global health affecting large populations around the globe. As such, we strive to convene the greatest subject matter experts who can work, teach, and come together to find solutions that will help impact health. 

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