2020 Conference

The 2020 Global Health Conference of the Americas featured 73 global experts, including a keynote by the president of Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez. More than 2,500 attendees—representing over 60 different countries from India and Indonesia to Finland, France, Colombia and Cambodia—registered for the event. Online viewership smashed expectations: There were more than 17,000 views of the conference content, either from live streaming or accessing recorded sessions.

Various FIU experts—representing colleges and units, including the Stempel School of Social Work & Public Health; The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine; the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts and the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs—were also featured during the conference. 


Global Health Conference Playlist (English)

Panel Discussion: COVID-19: Lessons learned in the Sub regions of the Americas
COVID-19: Lessons learned in the Sub-regions of the Americas. Iván Duque, President of Colombia.
Panel: From Vaccine Development to Vaccination Programs. Asturias-Figueroa-Hotez-Tapia-Cueni-Marty
The Value of COVID-19 Vaccination. Dr. David E. Bloom
What we have learned from the Past Pandemics? from history to reality. Dr. José Esparza.
Panel: Impact of COVID-19 on vaccination: Influenza and HPV, pregnant women and infant vaccination.
Pneumococcal Invasive Disease in Latin America: Trends and Prevention. Dr. María Luisa Ávila.
SARS-COV-2 Vaccine Development and Scenarios. Dr. Peter Hotez.
Integrated community support for MDR-TB patients and adjustments during the pandemic. Ms Karen Rivas
Social and Public Policy Has the Pandemic Widened the Inequalities Gap in the Americas Dr Galvão
Large-Scale Reopening during COVID-19 Pandemic An Index-based Decision Making for Resource-limited
Panel: General Discussion. Rusk-Tapia- Saleh-Ahmed-Shonchoy
Digital Health in the Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 era. Dr. Roberto Tapia-Conyer.
Panel:COVID-19 Social and Public Policy:Has the Pandemic Widened Inequalities Gap in the Americas?
Panel Discussion: Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccine Trust. The Role of Social Media and Digital Health

Global Health Conference Playlist (En Español)

Las políticas públicas y sociales han ampliado la brecha de desigualdad con la pandemia. Dr Galvão
Panel de Discusión COVID-19: Lecciones aprendidas en las Subregiones de las Américas
Salud digital en la era COVID-19 y post COVID-19. Dr. Roberto Tapia-Conyer.
Panel: Preocupaciones y confianza en la vacuna. Papel de las redes sociales y la tecnología digital
COVID-19: Lecciones aprendidas en las Subregiones de las Américas. Presidente de Colombia Iván Duque
Apoyo comunitario para pacientes de TB multirresistente y ajustes durante la pandemia. Sra. Rivas.
Aprendizajes de las pandemias anteriores, de la historia a la realidad. Dr. Jose Esparza.
Enfermedad neumocócica invasora en América Latina, tendencias y prevención. Dra. María Luisa Ávila.
Tratamiento ambulatorio de la tuberculosis multirresistente y ajustes durante la pandemia. Dr Ríos
Panel: Impacto del COVID-19 en la vacunación:Influenza, VPH mujeres embarazadas y vacunación infante
SARS-COV-2, Desarrollo y escenarios de la vacuna. Dr. Peter Hotez.
El valor de la vacuna COVID-19. Dr. David Bloom.
Reapertura durante COVID-19: Decisiones para paises con recursos limitados. Dr. Ahmed y Dr. Shonchoy
Panel: Políticas sociales y públicas ¿La pandemia ha ampliado la brecha de desigualdades en América?
Panel de Discusión general, ciclo de conferencias. Rusk-Tapia- Saleh-Ahmed-Shonchoy