Expert Consultation on Monitoring and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Interventions

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is when a microorganism is no longer susceptible to an antimicrobial agent such as an antibiotic, antiviral or antifungal. In today’s growing threat of AMR, it is crucial to continue the global monitoring and evaluation effort for AMR interventions and containment. To combat such crisis, the 2015 World Health Assembly adopted a global action plan (GAP) on AMR and endorsed the development of multisectoral national action plans (NAP). In the Region of the Americas, most of the countries are developing NAP to fight AMR. NAP, in line with the global plan, should be well monitored and evaluated to ensure that the proposed AMR interventions are being effectively achieved based on national and regional priorities. Therefore, the aim of this meeting was to define preliminary output indicators, in line with the GAP, to monitor and evaluate AMR interventions in the context of NAP.

The expert consultation meeting was a collaborative activity with the Florida International University and invited international AMR experts. Country-specific implemented strategies of AMR monitoring and containment were presented to base the development of indicators for NAP. The indicators for monitoring and evaluating AMR awareness, surveillance, containment and economically sustainable AMR research were proposed and discussed to contribute to a global process. The preliminary output indicators developed from the M&E expert consultation meeting are available to the public.